Doug Gilliss

Aircraft Qualifications:


Doug Gilliss is an ATP rated pilot. He holds a Learjet type rating and Experimental Aircraft Ratings in T-28, L-29 and L-39 aircraft. He is an FAA designated pilot examiner in those aircraft. He is also a formation (FAST) check pilot. He flies warbird aircraft about 200 hours a year and is the owner of an L-29. He flies in air shows as the lead pilot for the Thunder Delfins four-ship jet demonstration team.

A former USAF pilot, he has flown more than 50 different types of aircraft, ranging from supersonic fighters to fabric-winged tail draggers. He has been flying for 35 years and has over 5500 hours of flight time.

He has authored dozens of flight safety articles published in aviation magazines, along with aerial photos, which he takes as a hobby.

He set up and operates a Warbird Safety Group with the San Diego FSDO and conducts safety seminars nationwide. He has both a business and legal background, has MBA and JD (law) degrees and served as an AOPA referral legal counsel.

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