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FAA Experimental Aircraft Examiner (SAE)


Zach "Z" McNeill

Zach retired from the US Navy after 20 years of service.  He currently flies as a first officer for a large cargo airline.  He currently serves as one of the Experimental Aircraft Examiners specializing in heavy helicopters, straight and swept wing fighter trainers.  He is founding member of the American Honor Foundation, FAA liaison for the Classic Jet Aircraft Association and a Designated Pilot Examiner.  He is married to his wife Elena for 23 years and is the father of three teenage boys representing the next generation of warbird pilots!

Military Aircraft

  • SH-60, TH-57B/C, MH-53, UH-1, T-34C, T-45, C-12, T-6II

Civilian Aircraft

  • Variety including: Cessna, Piper and Beech Single and Multi Engine, Bellanca, Pitts, Grumman, Hughes Helicopter, Robinson R-22, R-44, Schweizer, Bell Jet Ranger, Kiowa Warrior

Military Qualifications

  • Navy Instrument Check Pilot

  • NATOPS Check Pilot

  • Functional Check Flight Check Pilot

  • Night Vision Goggle Standardization Check Pilot

  • Formation Check Pilot

  • Deck Landing Instructor

Civilian Qualifications

  • Airline Transport Pilot

    • Airplane Single Engine Land

    • Airplane Multi Engine Land​  

      • DA-50 

      • EA-500S

      • CE-500

      • CE-525

      • CE-560XL

      • BE-200

      • B-757

      • B-767

      • G-IV

      • LR-JET

      • RA-390

    • Rotorcraft Helicopter

      • S-70


  • Commercial Pilot​ 

    • Glider​


  • Airplane Single Engine Land

  • Airplane Multi Engine Land

  • Rotorcraft Helicopter

  • Glider

  • Instrument Airplane and Rotorcraft​

Experimental Aircraft Ratings

  • L-29

  • L-39

  • BA-167

  • CM-170

  • CM-191

  • MI-24

  • N-T28


  • S-70

  • SO-G2

  • MIG-15

  • MIG-17

  • DH-112

  • DH-115

  • TT-1

  • S-211


  • NH-F5

  • NH-T38

  • N-P51

  • N-F86

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